2023 Spring. Start 8 January -23 or 22 weeks semester 
Help to fill in the application form:
The Peoples Democratic Festival (week 24) at Bornholm costs 1.700 dkk. - No 12 and 13: Please write a contact person in case of ilness or something else.
- No 17: The primary interest you choose here is only temporary indicative for the school. During the first week at Odder Hojskole you will choose the subjects you want to have The final schedule for spring 2023 will be available from September 2022.
- No 18: Please write here if you want to apply for CIRIUS GRANT or scholarship from Odder Hojskole. Read more at our web.
- Please remember scrolling down to the end of the page and SUBMIT the application by clicking the button "Indsend tilmelding" - (In Danish means: "Submit application").
- In the field in Danish "Email kvittering til" means; write your email and you will receive an email confirmation.

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12. Contact person
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16. Bloc A subject
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18. Additional comments

Terms for the School

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